The Perdido Chamber Depends on Membership Dues and Community Partners for Initiatives that are important to US! 

  • Community Advocacy: We stand to protect our small businesses to have a year-round economic lifestyle and to protect our safety and our way of life here on Perdido Key and in the surrounding areas. We want to be the voice of the Perdido Community and stand for what the People of Perdido want for our area. 
  • Business Retention: In addition to keeping business doors open year round, we work to retain and develop your business employees and strengthen business practices through availability of Educational and Networking Events. 
  • Military Council: Without the Strong military presence in Escambia County from the result of our great Naval Base at NAS Pensacola, our community could not thrive as it is today. We want to give thanks to our very own Gulf-Coast Military Heroes for serving not only our country, but our community and our businesses. 
  • Emergency Management: Living in a coastal community, it is important to stay in-tune to the most pertinent and up-to-date information when it comes to Emergency situations. This is why the Perdido Chamber sits as our community information source to what decisions are made in our local Emergency Operations Center. You can count on staying informed during the next serious weather emergency or any other Emergency situation in our area when paying attention to our important communications efforts. 
  • Environmental Preservation: As an eco-friendly destination, we are proud of the policies and initiatives already set forth to protect our local eco-systems. We celebrate and inspire Eco-Friendly projects and events that promote our environmental-friendly lifestyles. 
  • Perdido Area Directional Signs: You know those green signs directing locals and visitors to area businesses and popular locations? Yep, those are maintained by the Chamber! Throughout the years, they have gone through some questionable weather circumstances and need to be repaired! We need funds to make things like these directional signs beautiful for our visitors and locals! 
  • Welcome Signs: The Signs Welcoming people to Perdido Key located at the base of the The Baars bridge and at the Florida entrance at the Flora-Bama is a project done by the Perdido Chamber! Lighting and maintenance of this sign is pertinent to making our visitors feel welcome each time they enter our beautiful area! 
  • Community Development Projects: One of the main goals of the Perdido Chamber is to promote Community Economic Development throughout our area. So not only do we want to promote business in our area, but also a beautiful and desireable way of life in our very own community. Support from our Chamber Members allow us to promote happiness in our community by creating engaging community events such as the Flicks on the Field monthly movie night or the annual Perdido Holiday Snop N Hop each holiday season! 

Perdido Key Welcome Sign