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Turtles don;t need hurdles, clean the key

The Perdido Chamber strives to be the regional resource for county-wide regulations and ordinances that pertain to our beaches. In order to protect our beautiful and natural shores, we must follow procedures to protect the wildlife and natural landscapes in our area.

Leave-No-Trace Ordinance

As of 2017, the leave no trace ordinance was put into place to protect wildlife such as sea turtles from man-made obstructions. This ordinance provides rules for beachgoers to not leave items such as beach chairs, tents, coolers, towels, etc. to be left on the beach overnight.


Habitat Conservation Plan

In 2018, the Perdido Chamber brought out guest Speaker, Tim Day of Escambia County to come to the Perdido Key Community Center to discuss the ins and outs of the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).

The HCP is a controlled growth plan of Perdido Key that will control how much development happens on the island within a certain amount of time. This plan is set into place in order to protect our endangered species such as the infamous Perdido Key Beach Mouse. Supporters of this plan will allow for development on the island only if they surpass certain requirements according to the development cap for the specific allocated year.

Dune Restoration

Local businesses that own property on the beach are responsible for working together to protect the island and beaches by restoring and maintaining the dunes. Important things such as the Sea Oats and thatching procedures are a must for those who own beachfront property.

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